????Magazyn AnalyticsInsight.Net wskazał PIRXON SA jako jednego z  dziesięciu najbardziej innowacyjnych dostawców inteligentnych rozwiązań automatyzacji w 2020 roku! Z tego tytułu prezes PIRXON SA, Bartosz Sobolewski udzielił magazynowi wywiadu. Główną osią rozmowy była Optymalizacja procesów biznesowych za pomocą technologii przyszłości w celu budowania konkurencyjności rynkowej.

AnalyticsInsight.Net za docenienie ciężkiej pracy jaką codziennie wykonuje cały zespół PIRXON SA ????????????

Serdecznie zapraszamy do przeczytania wywiadu z prezesem PIRXON SA, Bartoszem Sobolewskim który został opublikowany na stronach magazynu AnalyticsInsight.NetPIRXON SA has been present on the market since 2004, previously under the name SmartMedia Sp.z.o.o.

During this time, it has gained the trust of over 800 clients, providing proprietary systems that optimize business processes. Since 2016, the company has been successfully involved in the implementation of Robotic Process Automation technology and, according to the RPA suppliers ranking – robonomika.pl – it is the leader on the Polish market with the largest number of implemented robots.

PIRXON is owned by IT engineers, and from the beginning of the company operation the disruptive technology was their main focus. The company successfully implements robots that support business processes for several dozen clients from Poland and abroad, which makes it the leader in RPA technology, offering innovative solutions in the area of the fourth industrial revolution. Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, OCR and RFID are the technologies that form the basis of the ongoing industrial revolution of Industry 4.0, which PIRXON successfully implements for its clients.

For Pirxon, over 16 years of experience in the IT industry, a stable team, a variety of implementations and clients, and above all, high competence ratings make it a pleasure to work with the largest global companies that often define global business reality.

In the opinion of the clients, the company is distinguished by its comprehensiveness and extensive experience. The completed robots are highly stable, and in some cases, they can work continually for almost 3 years. The technology that PIRXON is working on is about to revolutionize not only the way of searching processes to robotization but also to unify the world of office work automation.

Moreover, the PIRXON team is a group of people who are not afraid to look into the distant future. They are passionate about the possibilities offered by innovative technologies and are actively involved in their development. They are happy to support people and businesses with their know-how in implementing new technologies.

The company’s mission is to provide comprehensive and effective technological solutions to optimize business processes. PIRXON believes that its solutions build the market competitiveness of Polish companies and enable them to develop more efficiently.Bartosz Sobolewski is the CEO of PIRXON SA, which for 16 years has successfully implemented IT solutions in Polish and foreign companies, as well as in public administration.

He is responsible for the implementation of the company’s strategy and the development of RPA technologies.

Bartosz has several years of experience in the implementation of projects for the production and implementation of software and management of IT teams.

Bartosz holds the Prince2 Practitioner and ITIL Foundation certificates and is passionate about verifying new technologies in daily life.

His greatest success is sustainable development of the company, where a friendly atmosphere is crucial.

According to Bartosz, “Artificial intelligence is making a quick transition from future technology to one that surrounds us in our daily lives. From taking perfect pictures to predicting what we can say next in an email, artificial intelligence is being incorporated into the products and services we use every day to transform our lives for better, but how can this emerging technology affect our future work?”

Of all the technologies that are driving digital transformation in the enterprise, often people consider AI as the most disruptive among all. There arises no question of how AI is in the process of disrupting people’s day-to-day jobs because of the sophisticated automation.

“AI is putting people out of work whether it is shifting the work for more productive tasks because automation takes the grunt work. Such discussions are clearly important as they miss out on the larger transformative story. After all, the digital transformation takes place at every organizational and industry level,” he adds.

PIRXON together with the recruitment company Antal launched the first Robot Work Agency in Poland. Employers who face the problem of finding suitable job candidates can now employ robots that perform repetitive and monotonous tasks. This is an important step in the Polish labor market in the era of huge staff shortages and 165,000 vacant jobs.

PIRXON offers the most frequently recommended digital employee in Poland. The company implements robots that perform repetitive and arduous tasks for people, e.g. invoicing, entering data into systems and much more. PIRXON’s robots work exactly the same way as an employee who sits at the computer, logs in using his data and perform the assigned tasks.

Bartosz belives, “The old ways of managing and supporting business processes are undergoing a paradigm shift. The old edifice of the back-office support system is being dismantled to make way for the new conception, made possible by the advent of disruptive technologies and artificial intelligence, which together promise to bring in speed, ease, and significant cost optimization.”

This transformative step-up promises to considerably ease the managing of businesses while introducing minimalism in place of myriad complex processes, which are the norm today. And as new technologies, especially RPA, demonstrate their transformative potential, becoming increasingly refined and smarter with time, they are making enterprises take note of the benefits that could result from elevating their business processing centers on the technology curve. Clearly, the journey to the future — from back-office rooms to business technology and engagement centers — is underway. Organizations are indeed gearing up to be future-ready!

Moreover, aided by groundbreaking technologies and remarkable advancements in robotics, back-office operations are being transformed into future-ready business support centers with demonstrable gains in efficiency and productivity while cutting down on process complexities. And the change is not piecemeal.

According to Bartosz, “It is a complete metamorphosis! It is catapulting all back-office support systems to an altogether new platform where technology and automation play a defining role in providing a demonstrably faster and more efficient support system.”

This system can handle routine and repetitive work, with human resources primarily engaged in delivering insights to provide qualitatively higher value addition to decision-makers. More and more companies have now begun their journey to usher in transformative change.PIRXON’s original solutions and services have been duly appreciated and rewarded, inter alia, by:

  • Robonomika.pl – 2018/2019/2020 – RPA Ranking Leader 6 times in a row
  • PIRXON has the biggest number of RPA robots working in Polish and foreign companies.
  • XX Edition Business Gazelle 2020
  • Ranking of the most dynamic small and medium companies in Poland.
  • IT Future Awards 2019 – IT Leader’s
  • First place for PIRXON for Digital Employee in BPM Leader (Business Process Management).
  • Laurel of Innovation 2018
  • Distinction for the “Digital Workers” project.
  • Quality International 2014
  • Silver Emblem in the category of QI PRODUCT – highest quality product
  • E-Business Gazelle 2014

“The service provided by the company from Gdańsk consisted of automation of one of the accounting processes that was repeatable and very time-consuming, so the employees were making mistakes while doing it. We chose PIRXON Company due to a need to conduct a professional and reliable automation process that was the first one in our company.”
GRZEGORZ PRZONDZIONO, Chairman of the Board, Agata S.A.

“PIRXON consultants proved to be competent, have vast experience and be timely which allowed us to identify processes for automation, pre-implementation analysis and fast implementation process of the robot in the P4 Sp. z o.o. company in an efficient manner.”
JAROSŁAW SMOŁA, the Director of the Accountancy and Revenue Control Department, Chief Accountant, P4 Sp. z o.o.

“Our robot has to use 10 different internal and external applications in order to handle a process properly. Automation of so many different applications with the use of traditional methods would be impossible or unjustified in business terms. PIRXON specialists made it possible to such a complicated, multi-conditional and multi-application process was automated within 35 business days with minimum involvement of our employees in this project.”
ARTUR PALECZNY, Vice-President of the Board,
3W Dystrybucja Budowlana SA

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