????PIRXON SA wskazany jako jeden z dziesięciu najbardziej innowacyjnych dostawców inteligentnych rozwiązań automatyzacji w 2020 roku! The 10 Most Innovative Intelligent Automation Solution Providers in 2020!

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PIRXON recognised by Analytics Insight Magazine as


“An annual listing of the Most Innovative Intelligent Automation Solution Providers that are helping enterprises achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and quality with the convergence of AI and disruptive technologies”
Ashish Sukhadeve, Editor-in-Chief, Analytics Insight Magazine

Bartosz Sobolewski is the CEO of PIRXON SA, which for 16 years has successfully implemented IT solutions in Polish and foreign companies, as well as in public administration.

He is responsible for the implementation of the company’s strategy and the development of RPA technologies.

Bartosz has several years of experience in the implementation of projects for the production and implementation of software and management of IT teams.

Bartosz holds the Prince2 Practitioner and ITIL Foundation certificates and is passionate about verifying new technologies in daily life.

His greatest success is sustainable development of the company, where a friendly atmosphere is crucial.

“The biggest challenge is the constantly growing amount of data. It will soon be difficult to analyze all this information and draw valuable conclusions from it. For this, we will definitely need artificial intelligence. Therefore, instead of Excel sheets, we will have analytical tools that use cognitive learning. This is already evident in the algorithms used in banking or commerce – they help extract useful information from a huge amount of data, which is important when making decisions. The second area is the automation of monotonous activities. Gartner’s analysis shows that by 2022 automation will affect almost 50% of the professions we know. Certainly, we will meet with chatbots more often, which will change the operation of hotlines or customer service centers.

For me, however, the most important thing in all this is not the question of whether we will lose our job, but whether we will be able to carry out all the transformation associated with artificial intelligence. You need to think about how to help people get through it. If we do not prepare -many people will not be able to adapt and will not use the opportunity offered by artificial intelligence.”
Bartosz Sobolewski, CEO, PIRXON SA

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