Since 2004, PIRXON SA has been optimizing processes, providing Polish and foreign companies with advanced IT solutions. From then on, the firm has becomea leader in the sector, winning recognition of more than 800 clients.

PIRXON owns original systems for management of fixed assets, management of accounts receivable and credit risk. It specializes in implementation of robots for optimization of back office processes as well (RPA – Robotic Process Automation), so-called digital employees.

> Every day, success of the company and its customers is built by a team comprising several dozen highly-qualified specialists in various disciplines. Programmers, implementers, RPA specialists and consultants perfect their competences and raise the level of their expertise on a permanent basis by participating in numerous trainings and conferences.

PIRXON carries out regular research & development works within the scope of Robotic Process Automation as well as Augmented Reality, constructing a platform for designing applications for augmented reality glasses.

Do you like our name?


Pirx pilot from short stories by Stanisław Lem was an inspiration for our company’s name. We were impressed by the fact that Lem brought up the issue related to machines’ capability of thinking on their own already 50 years ago. Following the famous pilot, we wish to set out trends and popularize technologies of the future which will modify the manner of doing business and working on a daily basis. Therefore, exactly, as one of the first companies in Poland our firm implements robots for automation of business processes and conducts research & development studies within the scope of augmented reality (AR).

CEO Pirxon SA, Bartosz Sobolewski


Our original solutions and services have been duly appreciated and rewarded, inter alia, by:

> Laurel of Innovation 2018

> Quality International 2013 – Bronze Emblem in the category of QI PRODUCT – highest quality product

> Quality International 2014 – Silver Emblem in the category of QI PRODUCT – highest quality product

> e-Gazele Biznesu 2014


We are supported by the following in providing our customers with comprehensive solutions in technological and business terms: