AssetsNinja is a complete EAM (Enterprise Assets Management) solution for managing fixed assets.
With it, recording equipment, inventory, depreciation and accounting for the use of fixed assets, storage, rental or servicing of fixed assets will be fast and easy. Built of modules, flexibly tailors to your needs. Available as on-premises or on-demand subscription model.

Compose your AssetsNinja system

The flexibility of the AssetsNinja system is one of its biggest advantages. The system consists of the basic program and additional modules that can be freely selected according to the needs of a particular company or organization. A great convenience is the fact that the software runs in a web browser, so it can be used without any restrictions by any number of users with properly granted permissions.

We have selected the modules in sets so that their functionality meets the needs of specific areas in the company. Regardless, you can decide for yourself which modules will complement your AssetsNinja program to perfectly suit the needs of your organization or business.

It makes recording and advanced inventory of fixed assets and equipment effective and simple.
Designed for those departments that manage assets.

Basic Program

Defined Fields Module


Sets and quantity records

Real estate

Advanced inventory
The set calculates depreciation meeting the requirements of the legislature. Depreciation calculations are also sent directly to the ERP or FK system.
For finance and accounting departments.

Basic Program


Depreciation and accounting accounts

Ancillary Ledger

Sets and quantity records


The set supports processes of group ordering of assets and consumables by dispersed units of an organization.
Recommended for departments dealing with procurement.

Basic program

Warehouse management

Advanced warehouses

The set manages service orders (internal and external), keeps records of warranty contracts and insurance policies for assets, enables creation of repair and maintenance plans. Complements systems for auditing computer hardware (e.g. Landesk, OCS Inventory).
We recommend it to administration, technical and maintenance departments.

Basic program



IT Audit

Basic program

records of fixed assets, equipment, intangibles and low-value items
ability to customize the content and appearance of printouts/forms according to the needs of the organization
inventory with the help of barcodes,
QR or RFID tags
user management module – granting appropriate rights to individual program users; compliant with GDPR
creation of record documentation
(OT, MT, PT, LT documents) and inventory documentation (inventory sheet, list of shortages and surpluses, list of movements, summary of inventory, list of differences, internal warehouse outflow) with the help of an extensive automatic system of reports and statements
import and export module – loading data and dictionaries or generating standard statements, automatically supports data transfer processes between AssetsNinja and FK or ERP systems

Meet AssetsNinja,

and enjoy its functionality


Why as an inventory program
is AssetsNinja worth choosing??

Saves time and reduces investment costs and waste. You tag your assets (barcodes, QR codes, RFID tags) and book them with one click

Allows you to collect and report all fixed asset data in one place. You know what you have and where you have it, making it easy to access all your resources

Perfectly complements ERP and CMMS systems in terms of operational functions. Reduces duplication of purchases and storage costs for unnecessary components or spare parts

Mobile and very easy and convenient to use. You manage all your assets from within the mobile app

For small, medium and large companies and institutions you can adjust it to your needs in terms of the number of assets or branches, own or leased assets, owned devices or intangible assets (e.g. licenses)

Mobile app for inventory


You can purchase the AssetsNinja mobile app for Android devices which will reduce inventory time by up to 80%, allowing you to perform many operations. Thanks to the mobile app, you can:

record assets easily with barcodes,
QR or RFID tags

perform operations on assets: e.g., add photos, change or
add data, move an asset, change the person responsible

easily check where items have not yet been scanned

check the asset’s insurance term and warranty period

easily manage your rentals

easily manage your warehouse – the app allows you to search,
receive or move goods

add a new asset, print a label and much more

the app also works offline, so you don’t need to have access to
the Internet to work with it

See how the application

facilitates asset management

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