PirxonRobot - Case Study Lumileds

Check it out what benefits the Lumileds firm has gained thanks to engagement of a digital staff member for settling invoices

Lumileds decided to exploit the PirxonRobot and the RPA technology for automation of accounting processes. For this client, we have robotized posting of transport invoices and we achieved excellent effects. Lumileds recorded savings at the level of 80%, its accounting process was accelerated by 98% and its errors were completely eliminated.

Case Study - PirxonRobot - Kirchhoff

Check what benefits Kirchhoff has gained by employing a digital employee to settle invoices

At Kirchhoff, we have implemented the automation of the invoice booking process. Before the process was automated, 5 people were involved in the process, 4 of which described orders and 1 person posted invoices. Employees had to compare the invoice data with the order document and then the receipt document to the warehouse. Despite the involvement of several people in a full-time job, there were significant delays in handling the process, as invoices flow to the company from branches in several countries, and the number of documents to be verified increases from month to month.

Case study - AssetsNinja - Starostwo Powiatowe w Tczewie

The application of the AssetsNinja system in the Poviat Starosty in Tczew improved property management

The AssetsNinja system supports the District Starosty in Tczew in management of approx. 50,000 assets with the value of PLN 260 million, belonging to 25 subordinate units.  Implementation of this solution, among others, shortened the inventory time and enabled automatic shifting of tangible fixed assets in use.