Logotyp SmartReactor



SmartReactor enables efficient and reliable liability management. This solution extends financial control mechanisms such as reporting and statistics  system with capabilities for automation of decision processes in every organisation.

This system is unique on the Polish market and one of the very few worldwide that allows comprehensive liability and credit management.


The most important benefits related to implementing SmartReactor include:

Protection against overdue liabilities

> Protection against destabilisation of financial flow

Full control over debt collecting processes

Automated liability management processes

Advanced technology used by SmartReactor is very flexible, allowing for easy and fast integration with the accounting system or ERP system of choice. 

System is constructed using modules, giving the possibility of choosing exactly those functions that are important from the point of view of the organisation. The system works as a part of company's IT infrastructure. This allows flexible adjustment of functionality depending on expectations and requirements of a given organisation. 

SmartReactor supports the following areas:

> Evaluation of contractor's reliability – economic intelligence

Pre-sales controlling

> Complaint handling

Loyalty programmes

> Payment monitoring

> Internal and external debt collection

External debt collection, legal proceeding

Customer registry documentation management


User management

Performing scheduled actions in accordance with specified processes as well as planning own work

Sending and printing documents (reminders, interest notices, default notices etc.)

History or monitoring processes and internal debt collection

Communication between employees, message forwarding, task assignment

Preview and edition of the tasks scheduled for employees (authorised access)

> Workflow management, scheduling holiday leaves and task synchronisation

Basic system configuration

>  User account management

Storing registration documentation including:  KRS, NIP etc.