We optimize our customers’ business processes by offering modern IT technologies. Whatever your industry, the solutions we offer will help you streamline your work, reduce costs and gain a competitive advantage. We implement proprietary original and innovative systems, as well as use proven tools of global suppliers.

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Production & Purchasing

Ensure continuity and reliability of the production process and on-time deliveries and ensure efficient communication with suppliers. Explore our products.

Marketing and sales

Surprise your customers with engaging, out-of-the-ordinary experiences. Get rid of time-consuming tasks and do what matters – talk to customers or develop new campaigns.

Customer Service & CRM

Your customers are people. Ensure fast and efficient service by automating what you can, and spend your time on what matters most – contact with people.

Finance & accounting

Streamline the work of your team and make it easy for them to perform tasks that bring real value to the company.

Administration & HR

Facilitate your inventory, automate HR & payroll, or speed up recruitment. Efficient processes mean more time for important tasks.

Logistics and Warehouse

Ensure access to always up-to-date data. Minimize mistakes, reduce time spent on data entry or improve order lead times.

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what we can do for you.


Educational, periodic laid-back meetings on useful RPA business knowledge. We point out the pitfalls and debunk the myths. Case studies, trivia, theory basics and practical tips so that everyone can verify their own knowledge and views on RPA.


Training for RPA process automation developers

Poland’s first training on business process automation in the Microsoft Power Automate environment. Automate manual company tasks, get ahead of your competition, gain market advantage.


RPA training for business decision makers

Which daily tasks and company processes are worth robotizing? How to reduce business costs, increase quality and efficiency through RPA automation?




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The AssetsNinja functionalities have been developed in compliance with the International ISO 55000 standard; maintenance services are provided in accordance with this standard as well. Qualified specialists of PIRXON S.A. approach each aspect of the process of implementation and use of the system reliably and professionally, which allows to ensure the highest quality of services. Cooperation with PIRXON S.A. is exemplary and therefore worth recommending to other businesses.

Zbigniew Grześkowiak,
Systems and Networks Administrator, Polish Steamship Company

In a company our size, efficient debt collection is extremely important. We were looking for a solution that would make it easier for us to manage our receivables and increase the efficiency of the company’s cash flow management. We decided on SmartReactor. The system is very intuitive and easy to navigate. PIRXON staff demonstrated professionalism in advice and implementation. Both the product and the company are highly recommended.

Tomasz Uchaniuk,
Financial Controller, Raben Polska Sp. z o.o.

The functionality of AssetsNinja has significantly contributed to the improvement of the University’s processes in the spirit of the International Standard ISO 55000, and cooperation with Pirxon consultants broadens our horizons and operational capabilities, which are already resulting in visible organizational and economic benefits for the University.

Jacek Szopa,
Director for Organizational Affairs, AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków

The professional approach, great commitment and support of PIRXON employees during our cooperation deserve special mention. As a result, the robotization went smoothly and was successfully completed within the agreed deadline. We can sincerely recommend PIRXON S.A. as a professional, reliable supplier of RPA robots that work well in the CUW environment. Their services are very high quality in many ways.

Agnieszka Grabarczyk,
President of the Management Board, Fincores Business Solutions Sp. z o.o.

SmartReactor’s functionalities definitely have a positive impact on reducing the number of overdue invoices and on financial liquidity. The ease of integration with the financial and accounting system is an additional advantage. We also appreciate the professional advice and care from the manufacturer – PIRXON S.A.

Dorota Augustynek,
Collections Department Manager, Berendsen Textile Service Sp. z o.o.

PIRXON maintenance consultants are in constant contact with the University to ensure the AssetsNinja system is running smoothly and in line with user expectations. We can recommend Pirxon S.A. as a reliable and trustworthy supplier of AssetsNinja software – a good solution for managing fixed assets and equipment.

Bogusława Dąbrowska,
Quaestor, Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw

Thanks to automation of receivables handling processes, the SmartReactor system made it possible to handle debtors on a systematic basis, which led to a considerable rise in effectiveness of debt recovery operations. We hereby recommend choosing the services of PIRXON to all those who expect an efficient and effective implementation of a claims management system.

Andrzej Waśniewski,
Project Manager, Ecol-Unicon Sp. z o.o.

With AssetsNinja, Aplitt streamlines processes related to corporate asset management. The application works very well in our extensive organizational structure, as our inventoried equipment and hardware is scattered all over Poland. Our cooperation with Pirxon S.A. is always successful, the standard of services offered is very high, and the logistic organization exceeds our wildest expectations.

Marek Litzbarski,
Vice-President of the Management Board, Aplitt Sp. z o.o.


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