Projekty unijne - pasek z logotypami (Fundusze Europejskie, Rzeczpospolita Polska, Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Pomorskiego, Unia Europejska)



Preparation of RAD (Rapid Application Development) environment along with useful (User Experience) AR (Augmented Reality) interface controls and creation of an innovative platform in SaaS (Software as a Service) model allowing to draw up business applications for augmented reality glasses (Augmented Reality)

No RPPM.01.01.01-IP.02-22-002/17


The subject of the project includes performance of R&D works within the scope of preparation of a technology allowing to draw up new universal augmented reality applications rapidly and easily for uses in different branches of industry, services and business. The planned research works will aim at preparing a model set of technologies enabling construction of a RAD-type (Eng. Rapid Application Development) platform for AR technologies i.e. methodology that provides a user (application author) with large possibilities of prototyping rapidly and with a set of ready-made components (e.g. controls) as broad as possible in charge of performing key functions of the resultant application.



Results of R&D works will be the effect of the project. They will allow commercializing them through implementation in the Applicant’s own economic activity in the form of activation of an innovative platform in SaaS model. This will make it possible to win new markets, strengthen the position of PIRXON S.A. as an innovative technological firm and improve economic indicators. Outcome of the project is closely related to effects of implementation of the Priority Axis – Commercialization of Knowledge since the project will contribute to a rise in the number of enterprises investing in innovative solutions and will increase private R&D expenses within the scope of smart regional specialization (ISP 2). An increase in competitiveness and innovation of PIRXON S.A. will also be the effect of the project as a result of performance of R&D works leading to preparation of the platform, enabling creation of business applications based on AR.

Total value of the project  – PLN 1 890 502,86

EU co-financing amount – PLN 1 388 477,15