Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology allows you to create digital robots that are great for office tasks. The software can perform structured and data-driven processes without human intervention. The digital employee works like a human – uses existing IT systems and does not require any interference with their code. It is efficient and flawless.

RPA technology is a cheaper way to automate, more easily scalable and can be implemented faster than most traditional implementations (OCR, APIs, data buses, etc.)

Employees spending a lot of time on tedious tasks?

We can help you automate your processes.

Where RPA robots are used

Processes that are tedious but require accuracy and focus and are prone to error are ideal for robotization.

HR, Payroll


Logistics and warehouse

Administration and purchases

Customer service

Production and industry

Accountancy and finance

Marketing and sales

IT, Testing, DevOps

Want to learn more about RPA? Explore the cycle

HyperAutomation Champions League

Automating work through RPA has many benefits

  • AUTOMATIZE repetitive business operations
  • ELIMINATE 100% of process errors
  • GET THE JOB DONE FASTER with higher quality and productivity
  • FILL an existing staffing gap without increasing headcount
  • ACHIEVE higher productivity without costly changes to existing processes
  • INCREASE your company’s operational capability
  • FASTER ADAPT the company to changes in the business environment
  • UNLEASH the development of human potential
  • REDUCE COSTS of supporting processes; your investment pays off even within 1 month of implementation

See what you can get with robots.

Process Mining

Pirxon’s experts will help you build a robotization strategy, quickly and effectively verify your organization’s robotization potential and identify priorities for RPA automation.
As part of the service, you can opt for a fast track or a comprehensive service. We will conduct a quick audit of back, middle and front office processes in your company and select those with the highest potential and priority for robotization. As part of our comprehensive service, we will help you build a robotization strategy and conduct a comprehensive assessment and analysis of the robotization potential in your enterprise. Pre-implementation analysis of processes is a part of Process Mining service.

Thanks to this service you will optimally use the IT systems, technologies and human resources functioning in your company. You will streamline and optimize your work, get direct savings and expected return on investment.

You want to increase the efficiency of your company?

Invest in Process Mining.

RPA Robotizing with PIRXON
Cooperation model

  • Choice of the process for automation
  • Pre-implementation analysis of the process – if you use the Process Mining service, this stage is already done for you
  • Robot implementation in test environment
  • Training of operators to work with the robot
  • Acceptance tests with customer participation
  • Functional documentation and maintenance manual for the robot
  • Production start-up and acceptance
  • Hypercare – post-implementation enhanced monitoring of robot performance
  • Service and maintenance (continuous)

What is included in the fee

Robot license

Process preparation for robotization

Development work
when building the robot

Support and service care
after implementation of the robot

What makes us different?

We provide comprehensive services in the area of Robotic Process Automation
We robotize even complex and unusual processes, and our robots are considered to be among the most stable on the market
We are well acquainted with the available RPA technologies, and we objectively advise you to choose the right supplier
We have implemented the most robots in Poland, in various industries (e.g. manufacturing, TSL, finance, SSC, BPO) and areas (e.g. accounting, HR, customer service, quality assurance)
We have an experienced and stable team of developers and we provide full care of the working robot
We meet our deadlines
We are one of Poland’s first companies to apply Power Automate technology
Customers appreciate our ability to communicate the knowledge necessary to work with the robot
We have developed our own method of conducting robotization projects, so we do it professionally and fastest in the market
We provide RPA training, help build a robotics strategy and support customers in recruiting RPA developers

Training in the area of Robotic Process Automation

We provide RPA training for business decision makers, internal auditors and RPA developers.

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