SmartReactor is our expert in accounts receivable management. It allows for a systematic and effective claims management policy and a high degree of consistency in the execution of tasks. It is the only software of its kind on the Polish market and unique on a global scale. It uses the latest artificial intelligence methods and algorithms to comprehensively support accounts receivable and credit risk management.

All data on receivables
in one place

SmartReactor gets data from financial and accounting programs, warehouse management, ERP systems, CRM, etc.
and collects them in one place

High working efficiency
of a distributed team

SmartReactor collects and synchronizes all the information and tasks dispersed among the various people involved in managing accounts receivable at the company and

Management of receivables
from the daily level

Automation and centralization of all necessary data enables daily, real-time monitoring of the situation and quick reaction in case of change

Want to improve your liquidity?

What do you gain thanks to SmartReactor?

  • IMPROVED financial liquidity – on average in as little as 30 days
  • REDUCTION of receivables turnover even by 20% in the first year after implementation
  • LESS overdue receivables, more working capital
  • PROTECTION against destabilization of financial flows in times of economic downturn
  • LOWER even by 30% receivables service costs (explicit and implicit)

Get your receivables policy in order

Automation of receivables handling processes: monitoring and collection systems use AI elements to intelligently manage the handling of each customer group

Controlling the implementation of the receivables policy: the system monitors the work of the debt collection team and enforces the implementation of the adopted service patterns

Adjustment and optimization of monitoring and collection schemes: the system allows flexible adjustment of debt collection schemes to the company’s business profile, contractor structure and related processes

Better efficiency of the debt collection team: the system acts as an assistant and automatically organizes the work of each individual employee and the whole team – it schedules tasks, collects data on their completion, synchronizes the exchange of information on cases

Quick and effective response to changes in the customer’s ability to pay:
the system constantly monitors various parameters of cooperation with contractors (e.g. frequency and seasonality of purchases, turnover volume, use of trade credit, payment morality) and supports decision-making on blocking deliveries, changing conditions of trade credit or receivables collection scheme

Compose your SmartReactor

SmartReactor is a modular program, so it can seamlessly handle different areas of accounts receivable management and can be tailored to the needs of a specific company. It is available on-premises, also as SaaS. In addition to licenses for individual users, you can also purchase data access for people involved in the process (access without login rights).

Thanks to SmartReactor you will organize and systematize your receivables policy; not only will you group customers according to their payment capability, but also you will plan appropriate action paths for each group.

Process planning module

Customer and process classification module

Document template module

Translation module
SmartReactor’s strong ability to handle communication and information exchange between team members makes the team work more efficiently spending less time on administrative activities.

Basic Program

Batch mailing module

SMS messaging module

WebMail module

Group operations module
Controlling receivables even before their due date and minimizing the risk related to their overdue; automation and organization of actions related to overdue receivables handling according to intelligent schemes, possibility of working even in dispersed debt collection teams.

Payment notification module

Schedules and commitments (cashflow) module

External service module

Integration with EPU

Bailiffs and courts database
Easy initial credit risk assessment of a potential customer, minimizing the risk of lending to insolvent customers. Access to current data of various types in one place helps to decide on changes in financial and sales policy towards contractors.

Risk management and financial analysis module

Insurance claims module

Loyalty (bonus) module

Analytical module

BIG integration module
Optimize your receivables

Cooperation model

Pre-implementation analysis:
we talk about your needs

We advise on the selection of modules necessary
to carry out tasks relevant to

We define paths for the claims management policy – you can opt for pre-defined paths in the system for dealing with customers or choose to prepare paths tailored to your individual needs

We integrate our solution with existing systems – SmartReactor’s advanced technology is flexible, making the process uncomplicated

Maintenance – during cooperation
we provide you with technical support and carry out the necessary maintenance work

Claim management areas
supported by SmartReactor

Monitoring and collection processes tailored to your policy

A comprehensive, integrated database of all claims management information
Automatic planning and organization of work according to established schemes
Extensive documentation capabilities in the claims management process
Short time to launch a fully functioning application
Best practices compiled in one place and ready to implement
Easy integration and cooperation with existing financial and accounting systems, ERP, CRM, other
Decision-making support thanks to powerful analytics

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